“My mission is to evoke deep emotions in people through my art, encouraging contemplation on the subjects I explore. I aspire to make viewers and myself reflect on these themes, while revealing the intricate nuances of my inner world.”

“I envision sharing my art beyond the borders of Slovakia, reaching people’s homes, offices, and companies around the world. These spaces provide immediate and direct encounters with my art, enabling individuals to be profoundly moved by it. Moreover, I aim to create an artistic experience in the natural surroundings of the Ďurkovec area, transforming it into a cultural destination that invites people to engage with art.”

“My goals include hosting regular exhibitions to showcase my work. I am committed to seizing every opportunity to present the beauty and underlying meaning of my artworks, drawing from the juxtaposition of beauty and the beast. By doing so, I aspire to captivate and inspire audiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for art and its transformative power.”

Janka is a talented individual, born in Martin and now based in the eastern part of Slovakia (Spišská Nová Ves), where she operates from her studio while also actively engaging in the revitalization project of Ďurkovec area. This unique setting provides her with a wealth of opportunities to explore diverse themes, leveraging her skills as a painter, photographer, and architectural designer. One of her greatest strengths lies in her ability to embark on projects that are distinct from one another, allowing her boundless creativity and artistic mindset to flourish. Each endeavor she undertakes presents a fresh canvas for her to express her unique vision and bring forth her immense creativity.

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